måndag 30 juni 2014


Glancing back over its own shoulder is a big part of how Syndicate taps into a few of skateboarding’s most influential and talented personalities, some very visible and some more obscure, to create the product capsules Vans Syndicate is known for across the globe. The road is never straight nor single-lane or one way, and with the benefit of a broad scope, the picking and the choosing is meant to represent a piece of skateboarding as culture, as heritage, as ideas, attitudes, and a way of life. 

The skateboard graphics of Sean Cliver hardly need explaining as to how they fit the bill, and the Vans Syndicate Sean Cliver Pack pays tribute to the man whose first skateboard graphic was Vans skate legend Ray Barbee’s first pro model on Powell-Peralta over 20 years ago. Iconic graphics for World Industries, 101, Blind, Hook Ups, Element, Supreme and others followed. In 2004, Sean published Disposable to catalog over 1,000 skateboard graphics from the last 30 years alongside stories and memories collected from skateboarders like Ed Templeton, Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk. WithThe Disposable Skateboard Bible published a few years later, Cliver expanded on the project, dug deeper, and added more voices of such people as Mark Gonzales, Rodney Mullen, Lance Mountain, Claus Grabke and Tony Magnusson. 

Insore now and online here

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