tisdag 10 december 2013

Riche "Lilla Baren's" Choise - Mackan Lindsröm

This selection was made by our friend Mackan Lindström the face and party director at on of our favorite bars, Riche "Lilla Baren". Mackan loves his Vans, his selection is very diverse and contains everything from the classic black and white old skool to the freshly released Sk8-HI Syndicate from the Rapid Weld Pack! 

Make sure to grab a drink at Lilla Baren and say hi to Mackan and the staff when in town! Uou will not be disappointed! 

Vans: Old Skool Reissue €95 (949 Sek)
Vans Syndicate: SK-8 Hi Pro S Rapid Weld Pack €99 (999 Sek)
Vans: Chukka $95 (949 Sek)
Vans: Old Skool $70 (699 Sek)
Vans: Era €75 (749 Sek)

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