måndag 9 september 2013

Vans Syndicate X Ice-T

Our The Pit by Vans store is proud to bring you the latest Vans Syndicate release in colaboration with O.G Los Angeles rapper Ice-T and his Rhyme Syndicate crew! Ice-T started out way back in 82 and has not stopped since. Known for bringing the west coast gangsta-rap to the scene! He is one true pioneer and a big part of rap history. Ice-t also had a venture in speed metal with his band Body Count that caused much drama when they released the track Cop Killer during the 90s L.A riot.  On top of his music he also has a successful career in acting! Vans Syndicate will drop two different shoes in this release. The Sk8-HI "S" and the Chukka Decon "S" will be priced at €119 (1199 Sek) and will be in-store tomorrow and online now HERE! Check out the pictures and videos further down as you listen to our Spotify list HERE, to get a feel for the drop. We also will have some clothing to go with it!

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